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Intensive Driving Courses are not a quick fix....
Driving is a skill that takes may hours of driving to achieve a satisfactory level to be a safe driver for life.
These are add-on courses.

Intensive Driving - The WEEKENDER course is for those who have already passed their Theory Test, are at test standard but may have recently failed a Practical Test, or have been driving abroad, or been banned and ordered to re-take their driving test, 12 hours including test time. 1 hour extra for extended test times.
All the courses hours are in-car on a one to one basis....
Scroll done for fee..

Intensive Driving - For the FIVE DAY COURSE you should have had around twenty hours of driving experience and have covered moving off/stopping, mirrors, signals, manoeuvres, negotiating junctions, roundabouts and lane changes,
For example, if you have a week off of work, and don't have a driving test booked yet,
we can do 3 hour morning and 2 hour in the afternoon for 4 days with one hour before the test on the Friday.
Giving you 22 hours in total including test time over the Monday to Friday period.
Intensive EIGHT DAY Day Course over two weeks.
36 hours including test time.
Have an intensive 12 Hour course similar to the WEEKENDER but over weekdays

Scroll down for fees
10% Booking Fee at time of booking course.
Intensive Courses - Non refundable full balance of payment due 2 weeks before start of the course.
Test fee of £62.00 not included, this must be paid at time of booking the course.
* For all Intensive courses you must have passed Theory & Hazard Perception tests*
£30 per hour
All driving from an local pick-up point.


Intense Weekender 12 hours.
5 Hours. Sat, Sun, Monday prelesson plus test, 12 hours total in car.
Intense Weekday 12 hours......
5 Hours each day, 3rd day prelesson plus test. 12 hours total in car.

£384 = £32 per hour+ test fee

£324 = £27 per hour+ test fee

Intensive FIVE DAY Course over one week. 22 hours total in car

Intensive EIGHT DAY Day Course over two weeks,
36 hours including test time

£594 = £27 per hour+test fee.

£972 = £27 per hour + test fee

* The price for an extended test after being banned *

The price of the DSA driving tests
(payable in addition to the Course fees).
Courses taylored to suit your needs.

Theory Test £31.00

Practical Test £62